With our extensive knowledge of upscale catering, we are at your service. THE HOT POT custom menus are created exclusively for you with impeccable taste and an inimitable attention to detail. Our extensive knowledge in inter-continental cuisine will ensure a stunning array of locally-sourced delights. Our executive chefs will make your dream event come true.



As a goal-oriented person, Chef Karine has the passion for creating and cooking dishes from all over the world. That passion began to attract clients who shared her interest and appreciation for multi-cultural cuisine.

Her background and knowledge in creating diverse dishes caused her to become well-known in Georgia. In 2019, Chef Karine was profiled in one of the most prominent magazines in Atlanta, Georgia: VOYAGE ATL.

Since 2010, Chef Karine and her team have developed relationships with talented vendors and local farmers. With a lifetime of experience, Chef Karine artistically transforms dishes into mouth-watering cuisines.

She ensures that the menus for her clients are flawlessly executed, tasteful and well presented for their special day.



Develop original, customized menus that will meet our client’s needs and tastes. Simple, stylish and elegant presentations. Sourced locally to obtain only the freshest ingredients.